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Support Request

We no longer operate Save The Bees Project as of January 2, 2019. However, we are responsible for all orders placed on or before January 2, 2019.


We apologize if the service we provided during our time operating the Save The Bees Project online store was not up to the level you deserved.


Since we owned the processing accounts for all orders placed on January 2, 2019 and before, the ne operators of the site do not have access to the majority of order records, and we have committed to the new operator of the store to research and provide a solution of a replacement or a refund for all orders that may have fallen through the cracks over the past year when we operated Save The Bees Project.


Please fill out the form below and we'll begin researching your order records. Please be sure to enter the correct name, email and order number so we can locate your order records.